M/WBE Program

M/WBE Program
To assist local minority and women-owned business enterprise (M/WBE) firms in growing and increasing their capacity, the BRP JV Project Team has developed a DCCH Capacity Building Program geared towards building the capacity of current and potential M/WBE subcontractors on the project. This program includes workshops aimed at providing technical training and educating M/WBE contractors on how to do business with the BRP JV Project Team.

M/WBE Partner Program
The DCCH M/WBE Partner Program connects prime contractors with M/WBE subcontractors in order to increase M/WBE participation on the project while growing the subcontractors overall capacity. This program allows these firms to gain valuable experience in the general supervision of their respective trades while learning new and innovative project management techniques. To date, the following three partnerships have been created:

  • LAZO Technologies/Walker Engineering – Low Voltage Construction Management
  • TinMan Enterprises/Irwin Steel Erectors – Structural Steel Supplier/Fabricator
  • Lawrence Engineering/Henley-Johnston & Associates – Materials Testing

M/WBE Mentor-Protégé Program

The BRP JV has created the Mentor-Protégé Program to help grow the capacity of M/WBE contractors on the DCCH project. Through the development of mentor-protégé relationships, the mentor provides capacity building opportunities through one-on-one training with their protégé. The BRP JV hopes that this training will potentially lead to increased capacity and help M/WBE contractors qualify for future contracts. Currently, there are four mentor-protégé agreements that have been executed on the DCCH project. They include:

  • Balfour/Russell/Pegasus JV and Vendigm Construction
  • Brandt Engineering and Echols & Sons Plumbing
  • Brandt Engineering and Momentum Mechanical
  • Brandt Engineering and Concept Facilities Services

M/WBE Public Outreach Program 
The BRP JV Project Team has implemented a sound M/WBE Public Outreach Program aimed at connecting M/WBE contractors with the DCCH project. In addition, a series of capacity building programs have been arranged to provide current and potential M/WBE contactors with technical training and information necessary to take part in the project.

ZERO Harm Safety Program
To ensure the safety on the Dallas Convention Center Hotel project, a ZERO Harm Safety Program has been implemented and is aimed at taking an already strong safety program to the next level. To accomplish this goal, the project has assigned highly trained professionals to assist in the successful implementation of the program. The following is a list of set training sessions that are provided on a monthly basis to all DCCH contractors and employees:

  • Safety Training – OSHA 10-hour session (Weekly & Monthly)
  • Spanish – 1st and 4th weeks of month
  • English – 3rd week of month
  • OSHA 30-hour class - one per month
  • English – 2nd week of month



For more information regarding the DCCH M/WBE Program, please contact Ruben Landa, M/WBE Program Manager, at 214.599.9766 or rlanda@kstrategies.com.